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Cheaper Australian Domain Names - Why choose a .AU domain name

Why choose a .au domain name?

Australian domain names are the number one choice for Australian Businesses. Google recognises this by ranking Australian domain names with Australian hosting above others when you are search for Australian Businesses... Give your business the best chance of success by registrering your .au domain name with Cheaper Domains.

Cheaper Domains are a family owned and operated web registrar. We offer the best service and our staff are knowledgable and all in
Australia. With Cheaper Domains you get great Australian hosting and cheap domains. We aren't the cheapest but we provide you with the best value hosting packages backed by the best service.
When looking for a .au domain name you may also consider a .com domain name for brand protection or future expansion globally.
Here is a guide to help you select the best domain name for your Australian Business.  The most recognised namespace for an Australian Business looking to be found on the Internet. A is a trusted namespace.    A popular choice for Australian Businesses and technology companies    Available to non-commercial Australian organisations such as non-profits, charities and clubs   Can be registered by Australian Associations and clubs      Personal use by Australian residents & citizens and including hobbies
.com      The most popular and well recognised website extension globally. Businesses, organisations and individuals can register .com names.
.net        A popular choice globally for businesses, organisations and individuals.
.org        Originally intended for the non-profit sector, the .org extension can be registered by Australian Businesses and organisations.

Once you have decided on your preferred name space register your domain name with Cheaper Domains for fast registrations and great service.
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