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Cheap Australian Domain Names - Top 10 Domain Name Spaces

Here is a guide to some of the most popular namespaces.

Which domain name space should you choose? is crucial for any Australian business and is the first choice for branding. Having a tells everyone you are an
Australian business. is also used for business and is also a populate choice for businesses. is for non-profit organisations and charities. can be registered by non commercial organisations such as associations and special interest clubs. is for individuals and can't be used for business sites. You can use this namespace personally or for your hobbies as an example. 

.com is the global namespace. Australian businesses can register this name space. .com is the most popular International domain name space. 
.net is another global namespace that is available for Australian businesses to register. 

.org was originally intended for non commercial organisations but is now also available to businesses. 

.info is popular for information sites and can be registered by Australian businesses. 

.biz as the name sounds is for business. This is a global namespace can be used by corporations as well as individuals. is the most popular name space in New Zealand. Many Australian companies register when they plan to expand their business. is also a popular choice when looking to expand into the UK. This is the most recognised namespace in the UK. 

Cheaper Domains can register any of these namespaces. 

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