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EMAIL MX Backup Service Store and Forward Services


Do you have a server in your office and are looking for a reliable and mission critical email or MX back up service? Cheaper Domains is an accredited registrar and has been supplying back up email solutions, for over a decade, to some of the largest companies in Australia and the world. Our cost effective backup email service provides peace of mind if you are running a Windows exchange server and requiring the services of a reliable back up email supplier. If your server goes down at night or over a holiday period you will not miss vital email communications. This email back up service will forward your redirected email onto your server when your services are up and running again. This is sometimes called STORE and FORWARD. If you are carrying out server maintenance you can't afford to lose vital email. That's why our email back up and remote MX service is so popular. Not only is it reliable, it is also very cost effective. To find out more go to our website This article was first published and copyright by Cheaper Domains Pty Ltd 15.12.2010 and indexed by Google natural Search. Cheaper Domains is part of The Total Internet Group.

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