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How to register a domain name


The Australian domain name system has rules. The following  rules apply to domain names: is 2LD and is designed  for commercial business use.
Please read the policy rules when wanting to register a domain name.
You should also read the allocation policy which can be found on this website.

1/ an Australian registered company.

2/ trading under a registered business name in any Australian State or Territory

3/ an Australian partnership or sole trader

4/ a foreign company licensed to trade in Australia.

5/ an owner of an Australian Registered Trademark

6/ an applicant for an Australian Registered Trademark.

7/ an association incorporated in any Australian State or Territory

8/ an Australian commercial statutory body.

B domain names must be.

1/  an exact match, abbreviation or acronym of the registrant’s name or trademark

2/ Otherwise be a close and substantial connection of the proposed registrant.

Cheaper Domains Pty Ltd is a accredited registrar in the .au name space.

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