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Getting My Business On The Net


When you are looking to have a web presence, you will need to take a few steps that will make your online marketing really work. Firstly, you will need to register a domain name. If you are an Australian business, you are best to register a or domain name, as '.au' is well known for Australian located businesses. Cheaper Domains, as an accredited registrar connects directly with the Australian registry, run by Ausregistry. This ensures your business information is kept safe and secure.  You will then need to have your domain name hosted. This means you can operate email based on your domain name and website. You can view our hosting packages by clicking here. This chain of internet and domain name information is an ongoing series and you can bookmark it here. Cheaper Domains is part of the Total Internet Group. First published to Google, Bing and Yahoo natural search, Febuary 2011. Copyright Febuary 2011

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