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Welcome to the Cheaper Domains information, price and links newspage. Are you wanting to register an Australian domain name? You will find the information here invaluable. Cheaper Domains is an accredited registrar so you can be sure you are in good hands. Our domain name prices can be found here.

The Australian domain name database is managed by Ausregistry, who act like a wholesale provider. They provide registry information here. There are various guides and information sites provided by the Australian government. To find interesting information about starting a business and the regulations that you need to know, go to If you are young and looking to start your first business, you should look over the young business network at the small business development corporation here.

Our seniors can find information about setting up a website, registering a domain name and getting a web host here. Cheaper Domains can provide low cost hosting services. More information can be found here. Other sources of information are the consumer affairs offices in each state. Where possible we have included links.Tasmainian consumer affairs are here. South Australian consumer affairs are here, Victorian consumer affairs are here.

Looking for information on registering domain names that end in The overview is here for and the state information can be found here- click here, click here , click here. For all other states refer to the links at here. Over the years there have been various scams, and the best place to keep informed and trace their history is here, alternatively you can visit

If your interest is in the history of the Australian domain name space you can find a wikipedia listing here. If you are looking for historical information of a more technical nature, try here or visit the history here.  Wanting to explore the possiblities involved with digital business? You should check out this website.

For those looking to register an domain name for the education sector, all the information is located here. If you are looking to see how your domain name can be used to beef up your company or organisation's IP assets then you need to visit this site. To see how you can use domain names if your business is in the import/export industry, you can visit the Austrade site located here.

In this link you will find some very interesting information about domain names and the law. If you follow the following link, you will find all you need to know about Australian community geographic domain names here.

For online information for our indigenous friends, in particular indigenous women, you can find information here.

The accuracy of the information contained rests with the originating site providers and we take no resonsibility for the information contained. Cheaper domains is part of The Total Internet Group. Copyright Feburary 2011. For more news and information click here

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