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Free Web Page Included With Any Domain Name Registration


When you register a domain name with Cheaper Domains we'll add in a FREE informational web page for you.

This page is vital as its immediate indexing in Google will give you an advantage when publishing your full site. The page has a professional design and includes your email address, business name, phone numbers and a FREE Google search bar as an additional bonus.

Google indexes web pages according to the order of their publication date, meaning pages that have been live for longer hold greater influence to Google. By the time you are ready to publish a full service website, Google will have already indexed your informational page, saving you months of waiting. This will give your full site a headstart.

We care about adding quality and value to your online experience. Cheaper Domains is an Auda accredited registrar.
Cheaper Domains are also Australia's first Auda ISS certified registrar making sure your data is secure.

Register a domain name to get your FREE personalised web page with no catches.

You can also use this FREE page to activate Google Adwords advertising campaigns. We will ask you about your business and the goods and services you provide to help the FREE home page populate some of your business information.

To see if your preferred domain name is available to register just click here.

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