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Australian domain name administrator

AuDA is the not-for-profit Australian domain name administrator and regulator. They ensure any individual or organisation with a vested interest in Australian domain names, such as Cheaper Domains, is operating smoothly and is well looked after, while complying with all industry standards and regulations. If you didn't know already, Cheaper Domains has a good repertoire with auDA. So, why do we have such a strong relationship with auDA? Go ahead, register your domain name with Cheaper Domains. It's important you get in before someone else takes your name. Domain name registration may seem like an insignificant action for some, but for others their livelihood depends on being seen online to attract customers to their business. If you fall in the latter category, we will make sure to look after you and get your business ranking high on Google for maximum exposure. That's the Cheaper Domains guarantee.

Cheaper Domains is certified by auDA as an accredited Australian registrar. We are the first registrar to be awarded auDA ISS Compliance, based on the ISO 27001 world standard.

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As part of the Total Internet Group, we support the community through initiatives that benefit both metropolitan and regional areas. Our promotion of the CGDN community is accompanied by our service to the entertainment community, providing Entertainers Assist with a suite of IT services.
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