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Email Settings For Outlook 2016

You will need the following...

  • Email Address
  • Email Password

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2016

2. Go to File Info Add Account

Tip: Alternatively you can also click account settings and then select New on the following page. You will end up at the same place.

3. Enter your Email Address in the only field available and click Connect

4. If the auto-setup process fails, you will then see a screen as shown below. Click Change Account Type

5. Click IMAP

6. Now make sure your settings are the same as shown below. After filling them out click Connect

7. You will then see the box shown below pop-up 2-3 times, make sure you fill out the User Name & Password the same for each pop-up and click OK

User Name: Your Email Address
Password: Your Email Password

8. The last step is to configure the folders. Click on File > Info > Account Settings > Double Click On The New Account

9. Click More Settings 

10. Once here, click the Advanced tab

11. Down the bottom you will see Root Folder Path. Enter Inbox into this field with a capital I. Click OK, then next, and outlook will re-test the account again. 

12. Then click Finish. You will see a message about folder cache being flushed. 

13. Click OK and you are done.