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How Do I Setup My Email Accounts?

I Have Just Purchased Hosting With Email Mailboxes. How Do I Set These Up?

Follow these steps to log into your hosting control panel.

  1. Login to your Client Area

  2. Select Products

  3. Select View for the hosting account you wish to add an email account to.

  4. Click Login To Plesk This will log you into your plesk hosting control panel. Your new account email also has this information and a direct URL to use.

  5. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to your plesk home page which contains tools to perform many common hosting tasks.

  6. Select Mail from the left-hand side and then click Create Email Address

  7. Enter the email address of your choice e.g. example@along with a password of at least medium strength. Note: We provide basic spam and virus filtering with all accounts, you only need to apply personal settings if you want tougher criteria applied to inbound mail or to block a specific address.

  8. Click save and it's all done. Congratulations, you have now created your new mail box. Note: Extra Mail boxes can be added to your account at any time. Just click on product upgrade from the product details page.

Note: If you can't find an answer to your problem click Here to open a support ticket (requires log in).