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How Do I Point My Domain To Another Domain?

This depends on a few scenarios. Which category do you fit into?

1) If you have FREE hosting elsewhere... and you want to point a domain name with us to this free hosting account then...

You need to purchase Frame or URL forwarding for each domain you wish to do this for. Please see our Frame Forwarding product.


2) If you have PAID hosting somewhere else.. and you want to point a domain name with us to paid hosting account then...

You need to simply change the nameservers for the domain (it's called delegating the domain).  You need to contact your hosting provider for these name servers.


3) If you have hosting with us... then the name servers for the domain must be set to ours (ns1.cheaperdomains.com.au and ns2.cheaperdomains.com.au). Also, the DNS for the other domains must be the same at the main domain with the hosting.

You need to set up an alias in your Plesk control panel for each domain.

Step by step instructions

1. Log into plesk for your main domain.

2. Then scroll own and click Add New Domain Alias.

3. Enter the domains that you wish to point to this domain. Click OK when done. Then you can close the hosting control panel page.

4. Ensure that the domain name is delegated to our servers (ns1.cheaperdomains.com.au and ns2.cheaperdomains.com.au), if the name is managed by us as well you can do this under Domains and then select view details and scroll down the page. The bullet should be in the option "Use default name servers" (ns1.cheaperdomains.com.au & ns2.cheaperdomains.com.au) if not select this option and click save changes. This will disconnect the name from your existing service and connect it to the new domain alias service with in 24 hours.


4) If you want to point your domain to an IP and you have your domain with us....

Then make sure the name is delegated to us (ie our nameservers) and then click on DNS management. Then you can update the A record IP value.

We hope this has helped you. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are still a little confused!

Note: If you can't find an answer to your problem click Here to open a support ticket (requires log in).