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FTP Options To Upload Files

We offer the following options for uploading your files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) FTP & FTP+TLS.


No encryption, login details are sent in plain text on port 25. This is by far the most common method people use to upload their files but is not secure.

FTP+TLS Encryption

FTPS is simply using the FTP protocol with TLS encryption enable. From the server perspective nothing changes. The port, host name, username and password all remain the same. Most modern FTP clients will have an option to enable encryption. There will be an option to enable TLS as the type (not SSL).

Note: Your FTP client (e.g. FileZilla) will give a certificate error as the FTP host name will not match the server name *.quick.net.au. You will need to accept / ignore the warning but the connection will still be secure.

General FTP Settings

  • Host Address: FTP

  • Login: Your FTP username from your setup instructions or sub FTP user if you have created on in the panel. The username is cAse SenSitiVE.

  • Password: The password corresponding with the username entered above.

  • Directory: /httpdocs is the folder where you want to place your files, unless you have moved the document root.

Other Notes

  • All files and folders are cAse SenSitiVE!

  • The first page of your website should be index.htm, index.html or index.php. When your hosting account is created, an index.html file is placed in the /httpdocs directory, which you should overwrite or remove and replace with your own file(s).

  • If your connection fails while trying to get the directory listing then check you have selected Passive Transfer mode and NOT Active and that your FTP program can make outbound connections to ports 49,000 – 49,999 which the server will use for the actual data transfer.