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Importing Contacts

The webmail facility currently supports VCARD and CSV files types for importing Contacts from other Mail applications.

Once you have exported your address book from another application or making your own refer to the template below, login to the webmail facility and click on Contacts in the top right.



On the next screen you will see Import in the top left hand corner. Click this and then browse to where you've saved your exported address book and click ok.


Import Panel


If you have any Groups for the contacts Click the drop-down and select either All or Only for existing groups, depending on what is needed.

Import Group Assign

All contacts will be added to the existing list, unless you tick the option to Replace the entire address book.


CSV Template

This is the format that is accepted by the webmail service.

"first_name","last_name","display_name","email","group" (required at the top of file)

"Peter","Jackson","Peter Jackson (private)","PeterJackson@cheaperdomains.com.au","Directors"

Not all fields need to be filled if unneeded so can be filled out like this.


So this one will list this contact as Peter with the email of PeterJackson@cheaperdomains.com.au in the Directors group

For any fields that aren't needed, you would just use a comma to leave blank.

Note: If you can't find an answer to your problem click Here to open a support ticket (requires log in).