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How To Create Additional Control Panel Users And Roles

This article explains how to create additional control panel users, say where you need to give access to a web designer or IT department.

  1. Login to the hosting control panel "Plesk", the address is on your hosting setup instructions.  It will look like https://cheaperxx.quick.net.au:8443, where xx is the server you are hosted on.
  2. Select 'Users' from the left hand menu.
  3. Select 'User roles' tab and select 'Create user role'
  4. Give it a name and select the desired permissions they should have.
  5. Click ok to save the new role.
  6. Go to 'User accounts' tab and 'Create a new user'.  Give it a name to identify them by.
  7. Select 'Use an external email address' and enter an email address which will serve as their username.
  8. Select the "role" you created for them from the drop down list.
  9. Select the subscription they should have access to (warning default is ALL, so mind you set this one! if you don't want them seeing all your subscriptions)
  10. Generate a strong password and click show.  Make a note of the password.
  11. Click OK and you are done.

Don't forget to give them the control panel URL, email address and password you assigned them.