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New au Licencing Rules - April 2021
From Monday 12th April 2021, .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) is implementing a new set of licensing rules for .au country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs).
The changes follow a review and consolidation of the existing policies and guidelines that govern the .au country code. 
The new rules will apply to any .au domain Registered, Renewed or Transferred after 12th April 2021. Existing domain licences will remain registered under the old rules, until the domain is next Renewed or Transferred, after 12th April 2021.
Changes to the rules will affect both Accredited Registrars and Registrants (licence holders). While the rules are generally unchanged, some aspects will impact domain name eligibility in the various .au name spaces. 
Information on the key changes is documented on the auDA website and highlighted in the following resources:

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