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How To Point My Domain Using Weebly

This article explains how to point your domain name to Weebly and is based on this support article from their website.

1. Log into your account on our website
2. Click domains then 
3. Select desired domain name and click view details on right.
4. Scroll down and you will see DNS management click this. 
5. on the next page you will see all the DNS records currently configured for your domain name.  In the first column look for the record which has your domain name with out the www' in front.  Then in the second column you should see the record type is Address and in the 3rd column for that row it will have an IP address.  Replace the existing one with which is one of the IP addresses used by Weebly.
6. There should be a second record in the host address column which starts with 'www' if that record has type cname next to it you do not need to make any changes.  If its an address record type then you will have to update its IP to as well.
7. Save this and your finished. Please note allow upto 4 hours for the records to become active worldwide.